About Norm

Quality work at a fair price work

You would have to say that Norm is an old fashioned tradesmen who likes to think about a problem and find the best way to fix it for you.

Car Dealerships have huge overheads and so the workshop mechanics are parts fitters rather than parts repairers. If anything fails they simply replace the entire unit.

In many cases, failures can be caused by a component in the Air Conditioning unit  becoming unservicable  whilst the rest of the unit is in servicable condition.

Norm will replace a faulty part rather than just replacing the whole unit. Thats why his cost is usually at least half of what it would be if the whole unit was replaced.

Air Conditioning units can be complex and sometimes intermittment faults are difficult to determine the first time so, if there is a leak or a problem after you’ve had the work done, Normy guarantees all his work and will always fix it for you for free because that’s the kind of guy he is.

Norm works 7 Days

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