Car Air Conditioning Regas

Your car may just need to be regassed so Norm will check your car for leaks and regas your vehicle. You need to make an appointment to meet Norm at his Ringwood workshop for the re-gas by calling Norm on 0400 640 777

Car Air Conditioning Compressor Repair or Replacement

The main engine of the air conditioning unit is the compressor and if that has failed it will need to be repaired or replaced. Dealers do not repair parts of compressors whereas Norm will replace components if the actual unit is good.

A typical example is a client who drove his Skoda around for a summer because he was told by the dealer that the compressor needed replacing at a cost of $2,500. In fact Norm fixed it for $400 because he was aware that a switch was at fault in the unit so the unit was perfect.  If your car air conditioing compressor is beyond repair Norm will replace and regas your new one at a very fair price.

Car Air Conditioning Leaks

Your car may have a leak which is why the gas is not in the system and this may be a simple fault or it may be a major fault.

Simple car air conditioning faults

Reciever Dryer

Hose leak

Expansion Valve

Major car air conditioning faults



These faults usually require the removal of the dash and are major and expensive jobs.

Norm is usually half the cost of a dealer for these major car air conditioning jobs

Norm will give you a free fixed price quote valid for 30 days

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